Working on the Rodger Young.

Modeling Geek for Life

I got the modeling bug pretty early. I was a prolific model builder who had shelves and shelves of kits built and collecting dust. I built a little bit of everything; cars, tanks, planes, space ships. You name it, I built it.

In the late 70's I discovered Dungeons & Dragons which directly coincides with my discovery of metal miniatures. For me it was a way to combine two things that I loved - gaming and modeling. It also provided a way to keep my models from collecting dust on the shelf.

Since then, I've continued to dabble with all sort of different models. I even had a chance to work on movie models. Still, gaming miniatures continues to be my real passion.

In 2010 I decided to start doing regular commission painting work. Since then I've rarely had a break. When I'm not working at my game store I'm painting miniatures for a growing stable of clients.

If you want to see if I can fit your project into my schedule please contact me.