Obviously, the most common question I get is:

"How much will it cost for you to paint X?" 

The truth is that each job is a a little bit different but at this point I at least can give you a ballpark figure for some common jobs:


Single 28mm Figures - (Heroes, RPG minis, etc) 

$65-80 per model

Units of 5-10 Models - (WH40K, Warhammer, Etc) 

$65-75 per model

X-Wing Repaints

Small ships $50-70
Large Ships $75-100
Huge Ships $200+

Large Vehicles


Again, these prices are here to give you an idea of what you might be looking at in terms of budgeting for your project. There's no guarantee that your project will fall into this range. If you have something really simple or terribly complex that's going to change the equation. 

I don't do painting levels. I paint how I paint and I try to give each model as much attention as possible. single figures do tend to get a little more attention than larger groups, but they also tend to have more detail - this is one of the things that accounts for the difference in price for single figures vs groups. There's also some time savings to be had when you paint groups of like miniatures.

I can also purchase the miniatures for you. In many cases (though not all) I can offer a 20% discount off of the retail prices of miniatures that you purchase through me for a project. 

Once we've agreed on a price I will expect 50% up front to get your project locked in to my schedule. That will guarantee you a slot. You will have an estimate of when to expect your project to start and when to expect that it will be complete.  

I sometimes videotape my progress to share on YouTube. If you don't want your project online please let me know.

I normally do photographs of completed models in my shop. If there's a hard deadline looming this might not happen in order to get the models out the door - but so far my track record on this is pretty good. Those photos will normally get posted here and/or on Flickr. Please feel free to use these photos to show off your models.