A new website!

If you've been here in the past then you're probably already noticing that things are a bit different around here. 

I recently decided to move from my Drupal site to one created via Squarespace. The Drupal site was fun when I was still into doing website development. Back then I didn't mind spending hours on the guts of the site to get it to do what I wanted it to do. These days I'm much more visually oriented and just feel like I don't enjoy that back-end work anymore. 

A couple of years ago I dabbled with Squarespace. While I liked the concept of it, I felt like it wasn't QUITE there yet. It was pretty fiddly overall and I felt like I was going to need to learn a whole new vocabulary of web design to create something with a tool that was supposed to make the process easier. Now... well, now it's pretty nice. I was able to put this site together in a few hours over a few days. It felt like very little work and the result was really clean and functional. I still feel like I can continue to play with it over time to keep personalizing it and making it exactly what I want - but I can do it on my terms over a longer period without feeling like the site is broken until I get that done. 

So, I hope you enjoy the new site. Perhaps it will encourage me to actually add more blog-postings instead of spending all of my time doing YouTube videos.