Testing out a new online store

If you've been one of my painting customers recently then you know that I've been trying to move all of my payments from PayPal to Square. I started using Square when it first appeared - mostly for taking payments for the store at conventions and such, but when I started doing the painting thing full time I realized that I didn't want to be depending on PayPal.

I should say that I've actually never had a problem with PayPal. I have heard all of the horror stories though and I knew that it was possible for everything to go wrong and for my money to be tied up indefinitely. With Square they never actually hold your money. It goes straight into your bank account so that fear doesn't exist.

Another nice thing about Square is that when they first started it was a fairly simple offering of "hey, you can take credit card payments!" and that was pretty much it. Over time they've been quietly adding more and more features to the point where you could use it as a simple POS system for a business and, more importantly for me, they've added online sales.

So, I'm going to give it a try. For now all I have is a set of practically brand-new 40K rulebooks that I'm selling from my own collection. They're going for $60 with free shipping in the US. Just click the link if you want to pick them up. You get a nice set of books at a great price and I get to see how well the online store function works. Everybody wins!