Review: Warcolours Paints - Show Notes

Below you'll find my video review of Warcolour paints.

It's long. Longer than I expected it to be. The thing is, I really wanted to cover the paint fully. At least, as fully as I could after using it for a day on two minis. So, anyway, sorry about that.

The TLDW version would go something like this:

The paints are inexpensive. For us US Americans it works out to $1.80ea with price breaks for buying 5 or 10 bottles. Shipping is a reasonable flat rate considering they are coming from an island in the Mediterranean.

The paint is smooth - lacking chunks or grit. It takes quite a while to dry. This could make it good for wet-blending.

The paints come in 4 translucency levels from opaque to transparent. The bottles should indicate this level (they do not - unless it's transparent).

Definitely worth picking up... which you can do here.