I had a day off today...

So, I had a day off. Of course, a day off means something different when you work for yourself. My day off started with going off to get shipping supplies, then packing up a couple of orders, then doing some quotes, then going to the post office to ship orders, then taking some pictures and back to packing orders. Then I took a break. That's what a day off for me is usually like.

The funny thing is after all that I decided I wanted to clean the shop. When I'm in the middle of a project it gets pretty messy. I'm one of those people that seems to thrive on chaos and the shop tends to reflect that no matter how much I try to keep in tidy. Anyway, about half way through that I sat down and started painting minis. Specifically, the Covenant minis for my Halo Fleet Battles game. I had done a test of the colors for the UNSC ships last week, but I had an idea about how I wanted to approach the Covenant ships while I was cleaning and found myself drawn back over to the work table. A couple of hours later I realized that I was painting on my "day off". 

So, here was my takeaway from this.

The fact that even when I was trying to take a break from work that I was doing the thing that I do for work was a good indicator that I'm doing the thing that I should be doing. Not a lot of people can say that.