Works in Progress

I've never been one for taking a lot of "work in progress" photos. It might be because I'm too focused on painting to stop and shoot. It may be that when I think about it and have the time then I'd rather put that effort into shooting a video, or it might be because I'm kind of particular about my still photography. Whatever the reason, I just don't capture too many still images of the stuff that I'm working on.

I've been thinking about this recently because of a video that Caledors from the Beasts of War forums put up where he talked about the value of work in progress shots. He talked about the "Iceberg of Success" which in this case means when you see the finished work you might have a basic understanding of some of what went into to getting it to that finished state but you don't really see all of it. I do get that, and a lot of my videos are meant to address that, but I also see the value of finding other avenues of sharing the process and so it has made me want to make a better effort to share more work in progress photos.

What that means for the future is that you'll probably see a lot more work in progress photos here and elsewhere. For example, I'll probably be using Instagram a little more for this kind of thing: