Using a Silhouette Portrait to make Palm Trees

I'm sort of rescuing these images from the oblivion of Tumblr. I posted these there about a year ago and I periodically fine myself needing to dig them up again to share with somebody. I thought that they might be easier to find here.

What you're seeing below is the process I used to create some palm leaves using a Silhouette Portrait. It's a kind of craft cutter/plotter that some folks have been using for model-making projects. Think of it like a poor-man's laser cutter. This project just used heavy paper but it can do card stock, vinyl, and even thin styrene plastic. There are a lot of guys out there doing interesting things with it.

I had meant to do a full video on the process of making these things, but like so many of my other video ideas it never actually happened. Still... some day...