The best part about doing YouTube videos

I started creating painting videos on YouTube in 2010. The original idea was to promote my new commission miniature painting service while providing some tips and tricks for painting minis. As time went on I realized that I really just enjoyed sharing my techniques with people and people seemed to be interested in what I had to say about painting.

Of course, the BEST part is when somebody shares something that they've done based on a technique that the learned in one of my videos. For example, Aaron Utley painted these TIE Phantoms using the techniques that I shared in this video. I think that, in some ways, his execution is better than mine. I see a little more subtlety to the crackling energy that I didn't quite get (painting on that texture is rough!).

I never get tired of hearing how I might have helped encourage you all to paint. It's very motivating. It makes me want to continue to paint and share what I do.