An unhappy ending

If you've watched my latest vlog then you know that one of my two projects from September was particularly fraught with problems. From missing pieces, to lost pieces, to involuntary destruction... the hits just kept on coming.

It turns out that the delivery was pretty much the last straw for this project. The package actually made it to the porch of the client at which point IT WAS STOLEN. No joke. At this point I'm thinking that perhaps these miniatures had angered an ancient god at some point because it seems like if there was anything that could fail in this project, it did.

I cannot say how bad I feel for the client. This was not an inexpensive project and the minis were nearly in his grasp. The police say that there have been people stealing packages in his area and somebody was seen driving slowly through the neighborhood. The likelihood of the minis showing up again is pretty slim, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. If you live in Washington and happen to see anybody trying to tell some dark metallic with red and orange Convergence minis for Warmachine let me know. Maybe we can get them back for him.