I'm selling some decals

If you look above this page to the navigation area you'll notice that I've added what I refer to as a "store". It's more like a yard-sale, though. At least at the moment.

What I'm selling are some decal sets that I used to produce several years ago. Most of them are Alps-printed decals that I was able to do at home in the store. A few were actually professionally screen-printed by Microscale Industries.

I really miss having the ability to do decals. When I first started it was, like so many other businesses that I've gotten in to, something that I wanted for myself. The Alps printers were still pretty new and people were talking about making decals with them and so I invested a couple of hundred dollars to pick one up. Shortly thereafter I was printing and selling decals for models and miniatures.

My most popular decals were always the ones that I did for Space Marines. At the time GW was rather stingy with their own decal offerings so when I started printing up similar markings people began to snap them up. That went on for a number of years before I got the dreaded "nastygram" from GWs lawyers. To be fair to them they were pretty reasonable about the whole thing. I stopped selling all of the markings that were clearly based on their IP but I kept doing the ones that they had taken from heraldry or other publicly available symbology.

Sadly, Alps stopped producing the printers and as time went on they got harder and harder to replace. These days it is possible to find a printer that you could use to do this but they cost more than 10 times the price of the Alps and it's hard to imagine being able to recoup that investment.

In any case, the decals I'm selling are in mostly limited quantities. Snap them up when you can.