KDM Videos... why have they stopped?

As many of you probably know, I have been chronicling my progress on a Kingdom: Death Monster painting project on my YouTube channel. In fact, not only had a been really prolific with these videos, they've been really popular which helped fuel my desire to do more. Then they stopped coming. What happened?

In short.. a serious brain fart. I had decided to save up some of my video for a couple of days before downloading it and editing it together. I did that for two days. Then on the third day I did what I normally do and formatted the memory card before I got started - completely forgetting that I still had video on the card. The video that I shot after that trying to recap everything that I'd erased felt rushed and.. bad. So I scrapped it.

On a more positive note I'm currently working on another Kingdom Death: Monster project and I'll use that to cover some of the models whose footage was lost the first time around. That should be coming within the next week.

I'm really enjoying the KDM models so I hope that you enjoy hearing about them (and seeing them).