5000 Subscriber Giveaway

When I first started doing my YouTube channel I don't think I ever imagined that I would end up with hundred, let along thousands, of subscribers. Yet as I write this I am 2 subscribers away from 5000 (actually, the stats lag a couple of days behind so technically I've already gone over 5000 but my stat page won't register this until tomorrow).

Anyway, once I started picking up subscribers I thought about acknowledging certain milestones but I never really paid much attention to the stats that often so it never seemed like quite the right time. Last year I realized I was on track to getting 5000 subscribers which really just seems bonkers. That seemed like a reasonably cool milestone that I could mark with some sort of even - which is what I've now done.

What I decided to do is a giveaway. The idea is this. A month from now I will do a drawing. The lucky winner will get to pick a single miniature with a retail value of $40US or less. I will buy that mini, then paint that mini to the best of my ability. That is, I will make that the best-damned version of that mini that I am capable of doing. That means spending a great deal more time on that mini that I would normally think reasonable.

Want to enter? It's really easy. Go to the video for the contest. Watch the video. Comment on the video. Like the video. Make sure that you're a subscriber to the channel. By doing some of those things (being a subscriber and commenting) you'll be entered into the drawing (the other things don't matter, but do them anyway). BTW - You have a better chance to win if you are a Patreon subscriber as well. Patreon subscribers are automatically entered and get two entries. By commenting they get another entry for a total of three. This is the only way to get multiple entries.

That's it. Go enter.