Dropping back in to Dropzone Commander

About a year ago I discovered Dropzone Commander. I was completely enthralled with the miniatures and the look of the game. I picked up the rulebook and a starter army and I even got a commission to paint a small army. And that pretty much ended a brief but torrid love-affair.

The thing was, the miniature designs were wonderful. Looking at the resin castings you could tell that the masters were superb. Sadly, the casting was not. If you're curious, you can see the four videos that I recorded while working on this project.

Dropzone Commander Post Human Republic Army

So, what has changed? Well, a new client asked me to paint more minis from DZC. I hesitantly explained that, while I was interested, I had a bad experience and might have to charge a bit more because of the casting issues. He explained that what he really wanted was to get the miniatures from the 2 player starter set which are not resin.

So that bit of got me looking at the game again and buying a 2 player starter myself. I'm nearly finished painting my UCM forces (I actually split the box with a friend) and I look forward to trying the game again.